Put Your D*mn Phone Down

This photo irritates me.

At first glance you probably didn’t notice the people without a case for their phones. I mean, c’mon. Get a grip (literally).

But what shocks me is that nobody seems to actually enjoy concerts anymore.

They stand there. Eyes glued to a screen. Hardly smiling or moving while they capture their cinematic masterpiece that nobody is going to give a shit about as early as the next day.

Instead of watching with our own eyeballs, we’ve become slaves to our screens. Instead of enjoying what’s right in front of us, we are too busy recording.

I record maybe 10 seconds of each song at a concert.

It helps trigger a memory while allowing me to experience things how they were actually intended to be experienced: With my senses.

Imagine actually enjoying something for yourself nowadays and not worrying about posting it to social media?

How would it feel to be present again? To feel the rush of the crowd. To let that phone sit in your front pocket and not look at it again for a while. You probably paid a fair amount of money for those tickets.

Get your money’s worth. Experience the damn thing.

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