I’m a Hypocrite

If you’ve been anywhere near the disaster that is Twitter, you’ve probably heard something like this:

[Insert group] does [blank], but when they [blank] they don’t [blank].

Every day I see people trying to make hypocrites out of each other. It’ll be on the news, social media or even brought up in everyday conversation. It’s used so often I’ve realized it’s pretty impossible not to be a hypocrite.

Flashback to yesterday

I’m called out as a hypocrite while on the phone with a friend.

Why? I write about limiting social media use, but I also use social media. (Examples here, here and here)

Like most people, I got a little defensive.

Let’s make something abundantly clear. You may write about a particular feeling, topic or skill, but you still reserve the right to be improving.

There’s always work to do.

In the past few months I have:

Cut out Snapchat and Instagram entirely.

Limited my Facebook use to only messenger and sharing my writing

Trimmed my phone usage by at least two hours a day.

Started a blog, gained 250 Medium followers and publish almost daily.

So sure, call me a hypocrite.

I slip, I stumble and often I wonder if I’m an absolute failure, but I still get up every day and go for it anyway.

Nothing is imperfect

I’ve always said this to myself:

If you look at anything close enough, you’ll find flaws.

Have you ever used a vanity mirror? When I was younger I loved to play with these. I noticed with more light on my face and a greater zoom, I saw myself as less attractive.

Take this concept and apply it to your life.

If you read into anything enough, you’ll find a problem.

If you want to contradict someone, you can almost always find a way.

If you want to call someone a hypocrite, it’s all too easy.

So I refrain from zooming in

Call it ignorance. Call it whatever you like.

But I realize I am always going to be a hypocrite to somebody. I’m pretty okay with that. All I have to do is keep working harder.

That’s what will make me great.

While you’re at it, check out my other stuff!

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